We employ qualified and experienced technicians to

service your equipment.


Our shop and technicians are outfitted with up-to-date computer technology to quickly diagnose your machine and make recommendations to maintain your equipment at peak performance.


Our operations are based in a new 7,500 s.f. facility with 2 drive-thru bays and 2 drive-in bays. Our technicians have the space and tools to work on any size of equipment.


Our large yard provides ample space for equipment unloading and turning around.





Field Service is about getting your equipment operational as quickly as possible without the hassle of transporting  your equipment to our shop.


We provide mechanical and electrical field repairs in Lethbridge and the surrounding region.  Our field service trucks include:


• Kenworth T270 with a 10,000 lb. crane, compressor, welder/generator/booster, and 100 gal. oil evac system.


• Ford F550 with a 6,000 lb. crane, compressor, welder/generator/booster, and a 100 gal. oil evac system.


• Ford F350 with compressor, generator/booster/welder.


• Shunt truck for picking up and dropping off trailers for repairs.



All trucks have on-board diagnostic software for diagnosing equipment problems in the field.


Our field services are performed at your work site. We offer after-hours support to help you get your equipment operational as fast as possible.







Preventative Maintenance is a requirement for all machines to keep them operating at their peak level of performance.


More often than not, failures or shutdowns occur when smaller issues have been overlooked by the lack of (or the quality of) regular performance maintenance.  Studies show that Preventive Maintenance can save as much  as 12% to 18% over Reactive Maintenance methods.


Regular PMs at manufacturer recommended intervals can:


• increase component life cycle.


• reduce equipment and/or process failures.


• reduce time out-of-service.


• increases machine availability time.


Take advantage of our PM Monitoring Program to ensure routine maintenance is documented and conducted at recommended intervals. This helps to stabilize operational costs and reduce downtime by identifying minor issues before they become major problems. Well-documented preventive maintenance also increases resale value.







Make the best of any down time to reduce your costs and extend the life of your original components with planned component rebuilding. IvarTek repairs and rebuilds


• Engines


• Transmissions & Torque Convertors


• Axles


• Hydraulic Pumps, Motors & Cylinders


We have access to a large network of OEM parts as well as factory-remanufactured parts.







Routine fluid analysis is a proactive measure to avoid unnecessary downtime and costly repairs.


Through partnerships with a network of vendors, IvarTek offers fluids analysis testing and trending review for your equipment that will help you manage the productivity of your equipment over its lifetime.


Services include:


• oil sampling


• coolant analysis


• fuel-quality testing


• trending analysis.


 The benefits of a consistent fluid analysis program for your equipment include:


• Contamination control and reduction to extend machine life


• Failure to do so leads to more expensive repairs.


• Maximizes the life of major components and avoid having to replace a component until you need to


• Minimizes unscheduled downtime: a planned repair takes the least amount of time to fix


• Monitor maintenance practices, to know that preventative maintenance services are done at the right time


• Better trade-in value; proof of a well maintained machine









IvarTek provides both shop and field air conditioning service, from minor repairs to complete R12 to R134 conversions. Our trained technicians understand the environmental sensitivity of this service and have been trained to provide you with the best possible maintenance.





Many times, it makes more financial sense to refurbish your equipment to extend its productive life.  This helps keep the cost of ownership low and production high.


If you decide to refurbish your machine, call us to discuss your needs so that we can provide specific options to meet those needs.







IvarTek technicians have extensive training and experience in trouble-shooting hydraulic problems.


We will provide you with the value you want, the quality that you deserve and the reliability that you’ve come to expect for all of your pump, motor and cylinder needs.


IvarTek partners with local hydraulic repair vendors to offer a wide range of repair options. I









Equipment inspections are a critical component in managing the total cost of ownership and vital to maintaining the best possible machine availability ratio.


IvarTek offers a wide range of inspection services to maximize your productivity and uptime.